Exploring Solutions

We've also designed and supplied SQL Server data warehouses and interfaces to Salesforce and IBM Cognos.

Microsoft Visual Studio (C#, ASP.Net, MVC) and several 3rd party controls and tools are used to enable us to supply polished products and a fast delivery.

Mobile App Development

We use a dedicated responsive site designer that gives us a choice of using Bootstrap, Foundation or Vanilla Frameworks for standard web pages. For our database driven web pages we use the highly praised Developer Express Universal suite of tools.

Make Ideas Reality

If you have an idea you would like to discuss, or have questions regarding your existing computer systems please contact us. We take pride in helping customers obtain the best from their existing systems as well as supplying bespoke enhancements.

We often use existing in-house Microsoft Office projects and prototypes as the basis for solutions.

We can upsize existing spreadsheets and/or MS Access projects to MS SQL Server. We cater for both Windows Forms (traditional non-Web) as well as Web/intranet/Portal development.

Whether you are looking to up-size an over-used spreadsheet to MS Access for a few users, or to a SQL server database back end and Visual Studio front end for many users, or if you are looking for a new database based Web application, please contact us and we'd like to think we can help.